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What have I been up to?


It’s been a while, huh?  Without intending or realizing it, this year has become my least active cosplay year since I started.  The artist in me has become restless, but it’s for the best.  Never forget that real life comes first!  And of course, there is still time to turn things around, as the year is not over yet.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, what have I been up to?  Well, it’s been a slow cosplay year for me, but not a slow convention year!  In April I went to Hawaii to visit my husband’s family and decided to check out Kawaii Kon while I was there!  It was bigger than I expected!  The highlight was seeing Asami Shimoda (the voice of Ami and Mami from THE IDOLM@STER and Rin and Len from VOCALOID).  She is so adorable and talented!  I didn’t bring any cosplays and wore Lolita instead, but I only lasted a few hours before I totally melted and had to go change.  It’s so humid there!  If I ever go back to Kawaii Kon, I’m gonna have to bring some skimpier costumes! Haha.

The next convention for me was FanimeCon, which is always one of my biggest events of the year.  I only made one new costume (actually, the only one I’ve made all year, aside from my idol dress).  I did dance performances with Angel Hearts and Hello! Musume, and masquerade with my super cute SHOW BY ROCK!! group. ♥  It would’ve been a great convention except that I was feeling pretty sick the whole time, so I spent most of the time hiding in my room. :(

I hadn’t planned on going to Anime Expo this year, but my husband and I decided to drive up just for one day.  Not gonna lie, we went there to shop.  We bought a bunch of figures, and I got a Tony Taka artbook and some Aikatsu! CDs.  I was disappointed that there was no Harvest Moon setup this year, but I did get a picture with the giant Tubbs from Neko Atsume.  Anime Expo is getting so crowded.  Is it sad that I felt like “I’m so glad I’m not cosplaying in this crowd”?  It’s starting to feel like SDCC in that regard – just getting around is a hassle.  ALSO I WAS SICK AGAIN (just a cold).  What is it with this year?? (Did I mention I was really sick for three weeks after ALA?)

Next was SDCC, although my husband and I did not have passes.  Also no costume, I just wore my StarCraft II shirt.  We wandered around a bit in the surrounding area and went to the MAC x Star Trek booth and the Nintendo Lounge, but we mostly went to hang out with friends.  My husband hates crowds anyway, just battling the crowds outside was enough for him.  The things I really miss about SDCC are the awesome Exhibit Hall and the Masquerade.  Maybe someday I’ll participate again.  After all, we live in San Diego now.

Just one week after SDCC was Kcon!  No costume this time, just shopping and enjoying the concerts.  My friends and I got lousy fan engagement tickets this year, but luckily we didn’t care because there wasn’t anyone in particular we wanted to see.  We did get Monsta X audience passes and went to their panel, but they were an hour late, so they skipped the panel and went straight into hi-touch.  The concerts were awesome, as usual.  I enjoyed Saturday’s concert more.  I’m not generally a fan of Korean girl groups, but IOI and Gfriend were really cute!  I saw so much awesome dancing that weekend, both by the artists and the fans!  I wish I were half as good as them!

Next up for me is Saboten Con in Phoenix, AZ.  No new costumes, just bringing my latest IDOLM@STER costumes.  Hopefully l’ll have some fun projects to share later this fall.

Hanadoki Con 2016 Solo Dance Performance


Last Saturday I went to a small convention in San Diego called Hanadoki Con.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a look at the local anime community, since I’m new in town.  I tried to arrange a show for Angel Hearts too, but it turned out I was the only member who could make it to the convention!  I decided to go ahead and do a solo performance, which was a first for me.  After 13 years and 53 performances though, I can’t help but think I should’ve done this sooner!  It may not seem like it, but I’m a really shy person (like painfully shy), so having to rally people to come watch and MC for myself was a challenge, but I feel like I leveled up.  I guess I was also always afraid to do solo shows because I thought I would look awkward and lame dancing by myself, but I tried my best to pick songs that were interesting on their own, and I think the audience enjoyed it!  Even though most of the audience wasn’t familiar with idols, they still clapped along and cheered, which made me really happy!

There was a little mishap with the schedule though.  I’m still not entirely sure what happened, but it seems my performance time got switched with another performer’s, and nobody on staff had any idea.  It worked out in the end, but I had to perform later than planned, and unfortunately I had to shorten my set list.  Also, no one knew about my performance time of course, so at first there was no one there in the audience.  It was pretty much a performer’s worst nightmare.  Another idol fan did me a huge favor and ran around the convention announcing my show.  I did a bit of that myself, but as I said, I’m terribly shy, so it took a lot of courage.  Fortunately, once the show started and the music was playing, more people came over to watch.  In the end, the show went well, and it was a huge relief!!  Thank you so much to the people who came to talk to me afterward and show their support.  It meant a lot to me! ♥  I feel really bad that there were people who came at the wrong time and were told I canceled, though.   I enjoyed performing at Hanadoki Con, so I hope the staff are a little more careful in the future, and something like this doesn’t happen again.

I’m really glad I had this opportunity to do a solo show.  It was really exciting getting to choose whatever songs I wanted!  Some of my favorite songs work better in groups, so I didn’t pick those, but narrowing down a set list was still hard!  There were way too many songs I wanted to do!  In the end, I learned eight new songs.  I practiced nonstop for three weeks!  Here are the songs I danced to:

Part one: THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls – Onegai Cinderella, Transing Pulse, Star!!
Part two: Aikatsu! – Idol Activity!, Hello New World, lucky train, Original Star☆彡
Part three: Wake Up, Girls! and Hello! Project – Tachiagare!, Balalaika (Kirarin Revolution), and Ne~e? (Aya Matsuura)

Part four was supposed to be IDOLM@STER 765Pro and end with Thank You!, but sadly I didn’t have time.  I was especially excited to finally be able to perform Ne~e?, as Aya Matsuura is my #1 favorite idol.  I was also impressed that people knew Balalaika!  One girl in the audience was even singing along and doing some of the moves.  It’s definitely a very fun song.  I was very happy that people seemed to enjoy the Aikatsu songs too, even though they were not familiar with them.  Aikatsu needs more love! ♥

As for my outfit, I used this opportunity to make an original idol-inspired outfit that I’ve always wanted to make, but never had a reason to.  The outfit was inspired by obnoxious sparkly and fluffy Hello! Project concert outfits, awesome holographic confetti dot in some of my favorite colors, and some matching turquoise and hot pink petticoats and shoes that I found online.  Sadly, the shoes are in storage right now, but they probably would’ve been hard to dance in, anyway.  Luckily I found some silver holographic sparkle character shoes (made for dancing!), and they arrived literally MINUTES before I left my apartment for the convention!  They went perfectly with my outfit!  The dress design is simple, but I love the bright colors!  Seriously, I feel so happy every time I look at my outfit, haha.  I layered three petticoats, alternating hot pink and turquoise, for maximum poof.  The skirt turned out a little shorter than I had planned, but it was so fun to dance with such a bouncy skirt!  I wore a wig because my own hair would’ve gotten frizzy, but I think the pigtails may have been just a little too big!  They were heavy and a bit hard to dance in.  I had so much fun putting this outfit together.    I couldn’t help but come up with even more ideas!  Getting to do my own show really inspired me, so I hope I get another chance to do one sometime in the future!


Anime LA 2016


Two weekends ago I went to Anime Los Angeles 2016…. or should I say, Anime Ontario?  Anime LA’s move to Ontario, California was the reason I even went this year, and I have to say, the location was great!  The convention center was spacious and bright, which was good both for hanging out and for taking photos.  Even though there were no attached hotels, there were many good close options, all with free parking.  I stayed at the Ayres, which was very nice and just across the parking lot from the con center.  It did rain the last day of Anime LA, but it wasn’t too terrible, since there was plenty of space inside the con center for everyone to hang out.  Also, even with ALA’s move to a convention center, it still kept some features that let you know it was the same convention, such as the painted benches, the cosplay photos on the walls, and the crazy ribbon-collecting.

This year’s theme for ALA was idols!  You’d think I’d be super excited about this, but unfortunately with my big move, I wasn’t able to take full advantage of the theme.  I did have idol costumes to wear, of course, but nothing new or spectacular, and no performances.  I was happy to see so much idol cosplay all weekend long though, including a good number of Aikatsu and WUG cosplayers!  There wasn’t nearly enough IDOLM@STER though.  Maybe next year I will fix this.  No matter the theme, it’s always idol time for me! ;D

Meanwhile, since coming home from ALA, I’ve been VERY SICK.  It’s probably the time of the year, but this seems to be a big problem with ALA.  PLEASE, GUYS, DO NOT COME TO A CONVENTION (or anywhere with a lot of people, really) WHEN YOU’RE SICK!  Remind everyone!  There will be other conventions, and other chances to cosplay.  Most conventions I’ve been to are also good about at least deferring your badge to next year if you can’t make it.  I can understand if you’re just getting over a cold, and you’re taking REALLY good care of yourself (proper sleep and food) and minimizing your close contact with people, then it’s ok to come.  But definitely if you have the FLU (or anything worse!!), PLEASE STAY HOME.  I know, it sucks.  I had to do it one year.  Angel Hearts was performing, too, but I woke up the morning before ALA with a terrible sore throat, congestion, and a fever — there was NO way I was going to a convention.  I had to redo our soundtrack last minute, and the girls had to scramble to cover for me, and I felt really bad.  Even then, it’s better than showing up with the flu.  Better for everyone.  Please don’t do it.  PSA over.

Kcon LA 2015 – Part 2: The Music

Kcon Concert

In my last post, I talked a little about my experiences at Kcon as a convention.  But of course, the number one thing people go to Kcon for are the concerts and music guests.  This year there were ten music acts performing in the concerts, five for each day.  Depending on which concert tickets you purchased, you received scratcher tickets with chances to see the different groups in a panel or even do a “hi-touch” (high-five) with them.  The most expensive concert tickets also included a chance to win “red carpet” tickets, where you could go see all of the groups who were performing that day in their concert outfits.

I was unlucky and didn’t get any hi-touch or red carpet tickets, but I got two Shinhwa audience tickets, which was the group I was most excited to see.  I traded one of my tickets with a friend who got two Block.B hi-touches, so we went to both of those events together.  Neither of us are familiar with Block.B, but it was still cool to see them up close and hi-five all of them.  At the Shinhwa panel we were in the back and couldn’t see much, but we enjoyed their answers to the questions.  They showed their age when they mentioned liking celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Streisand.  Shinhwa is apparently the longest-standing idol group, with 17 years and no member changes.  That is truly incredible!  And you can really tell they are true idols, with perfect idol responses to every question.  I have to say, Korea really gets it right when it comes to fan engagements, and I feel this has played a large part in Kpop’s international success.  Fans are one of the most important things to idols, and Kpop artists really make themselves available to fans all over the world, whether through live shows and concerts, fan engagements, or even Internet shows and social media.

For the concerts my friends and I had P2 Floor tickets, standing by the back side of the stage, which was kind of in the shape of a plus sign.  We got a good view of whoever came to our side, but otherwise it was a little hard to see.  Honestly at my age, and because dancing is my thing, I’d rather have seats that are a little farther back but at eye level with the stage so I can see everything.  We had a good time though.  We stood near the back so we had the freedom to move around if we wanted.  One lucky thing that happened to us during the Sunday concert was that when AOA entered, they passed through the floor section on the back side… meaning right where we were standing!   One of my friends is a huge AOA fan so he was very excited about that.

Kcon Concert2

For me, the highlights of the concert were getting to see Super Junior and Shinhwa.  I loved that Super Junior sang Donghae & Eunhyuk’s “Oppa Oppa”.  The members of Super Junior are so funny and really put on a great show!  Shinhwa of course was also super professional and really owned that stage.  They even made sure go to each side of the stage and do their group intro so everyone could see them.  They opened with “T.O.P”, and wow, that really brought me back.  I wasn’t a Kpop fan back then, but I remember when that song was popular.  When Shinhwa performed “This Love”, which is the song I was most looking forward to, they were facing the back of the stage, so I was really excited about that.  I loved seeing all the Shinhwa fans at the concert.  It was funny to see the slightly older ladies fangirling over them, but it was also refreshing to see that they had plenty of young fans as well.  I brought both of my King Blade light sticks, set to orange for Shinhwa, and when the Shinwha performance started and I was waving my light sticks, an excited fan in an orange tshirt ran up to me and asked to borrow one of my light sticks.  She was so happy, jumping and screaming at Shinhwa.  Haha ♥

Kcon really is an experience like no other, especially for an American fan of Asian music.  I had a great time both years that I attended.  You can be sure I’ll be back next year!  I’ve been into Asian pop music for 15+ years, and an event like this is something I never could have even dreamed of back in the day!  Kpop fans these days are so lucky!  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Kcon continues to grow in the future.

Kcon LA 2015 – Part 1: The Convention

Kcon LA 2015

This past weekend I went to Kcon LA, which was held at the LA Convention Center with concerts in the Staples Center.  It was my second Kcon, and I was curious to see how the atmosphere of the event would change after being moved to a convention center.  Last year felt more like a street fair, but this year certainly felt more like a convention.  It felt weird for me because I’d just been there one month before for Anime Expo.  It was great because I was already familiar with the area and knew exactly where I was going.  The best part was the convenience of being right next to the hotel, so you could go back any time to rest, deposit your swag and purchases, or change into and out of costume.  There were also plenty of restaurants in the area.  I know many of the attendees were glad not to have to be outdoors in the sun like last year.  Great move, Kcon!

As for the convention itself, I have to say Kcon is a very unique experience.  Even though the focus is obviously Kpop and the concerts, there were a lot of things going on throughout the weekend.  This year the event was three days with two concerts.  Since there were no concerts the first day, it was a good day to roam the hall and do your shopping. The hall contained merchandise vendors, sponsor booths, fan club booths, a stage for contests and presentations, and some hangout areas where you could relax or play games (like giant Jenga).  It felt strange to see companies like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola giving away free samples, but I guess they were some of the big sponsors for the event.  McDonald’s had a DDR machine set up with Kpop song on it.  Toyota was very creative and had a car set up with a TV in the trunk to play dance games and music playing inside the car with a camera so you could shoot lip-synch videos.  People were lined up to play!  Nongshim was giving away free ramen samples (I also won a whole case of spicy ramen in their raffle).  The other very random thing I saw on Friday was a marching band that made their way around the exhibit hall.  I don’t know what they were promoting, but I can say I’ve never seen anything like that at an anime convention.

Like last year, there were a few booths selling Kpop CDs, DVDs, and posters, a few other media related booths, and a bunch of random Korean company booths that no one seemed to care about (I felt bad for them but they were pretty random). This year there were also what I call “anime con booths” — the kind of stuff you usually see at anime conventions, like anime and game figures, plushes, anime tshirts, and accessories.  Even though this section seemed out of place, the whole area was pretty busy and they looked like they were doing good business.  There are, after all, a lot of people who got into Asian music through anime.  I would have like to see more Kpop related merchandise, like tshirts or trinkets, or even just more variety in CDs, DVDs, and posters (it was mostly limited to the most popular groups, new releases, and whichever groups were present at Kcon).  I know Korean fashion and beauty products are also popular, so it would be great to see more of those as well.  The big thing that was missing this year were the food vendors.  With the event being indoors, I’m guessing they didn’t have an area where they could put food booths.  There were a few food trucks outside, but I missed having rows and rows of Korean food stands to choose from.  I was looking forward to some spicy rice cakes and BBQ skewers.  At least there were plenty of food options available in the area, but it just wasn’t the same.  I’m curious to see how things will be next year.

On the stage inside the main hall there were dance performances, a dance contest (which was pretty awesome), a costume contest, a fashion show, and some guest appearances, among other things.  When I walked by the stage on Sunday afternoon I saw a large crowd and thought, I wonder what’s going on?  Then I looked at the stage… IS THAT THE TRY GUYS?? DANCING??  It sure was!  Outside the main hall there were panel rooms with fan-run programming where you could learn and chat about a variety of topics related to Kpop and Korea.  One thing I would love to see at Kcon is a viewing room where you could watch music videos, much like anime viewing rooms at anime conventions.  It would be especially cool for newer fans to learn about different groups, or even familiarize themselves with the groups who would be performing in the concerts.

In my next post, I’ll talk more about the convention’s main attractions: the concerts and the music guests.

Arizona Renaissance Festival and Twig the Fairy

Last Saturday I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival for the first time.  When it comes to Ren Fest, I’m pretty spoiled because the first one I ever went to was the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, which is one of the largest and oldest.  I’ve also been to the one in Irwindale in Southern California, which is apparently the oldest Renaissance festival in the US.  However, I was delighted to find that Arizona also has a large Renaissance festival.  There was a lot going on, and I recognized a number of the vendors.  I was a little surprised, because it’s so hot here, but it makes sense that they can hold a big event here early in the year when it is too cold and wet in other parts of the country.  One thing I noticed pretty quickly was that not so many people dressed up, and a lot of people were carrying parasols.  It was about 90°F, which wasn’t so terrible in the shade, but the sun was so intense that it just hurt.  It was the last weekend of the festival, so next year I will definitely try to go earlier.

My favorite part of Renaissance festivals is all the fairy and fantasy themed stuff.  I like to go as a fairy myself when I dress up (or as an elf when I feel like wings are too much trouble).  During one of my early trips to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, I took a picture of Twig the Fairy.  Later I saw her again with more spectacular wings plus her own booth and merchandise!  The images she creates are just beautiful, and as a huge fairy fan I was really inspired by her work.  She is super cute in person and also plays delightful music on her flute.  I love watching her interact with the kids.


I was really excited when I saw the advertisement for the AZ Ren Fest because there was a picture of Twig!  It turns out AZ is one of the Ren fests she comes to!  I was lucky and ran into her almost immediately upon entering the festival.  I got even luckier that she was at her booth when I got there!  They had a discount for buying three books, so I picked up the three I didn’t have, and now I have all five of her books.  I also got them all signed!


I told her I had all of her books, and she made a cute gesture and then wrote a note in the last book (Twig the Fairy does not speak, she communicates through gestures and music).


Then of course I had to take a photo with Twig!  I am suuuuper happy at how well this photo turned out!  She is so pretty!


Next time I’ll dress up as a fairy for sure! :)

U-KISS Concert in San Francisco!

As a fan of Asian pop music living in America, I don’t get many chances to see live concerts.  I’d been to a couple concerts at anime conventions (like Hangry & Angry and Morning Musume), but my first real concert was TVXQ in Los Angeles last year.  The concert was during Anime Expo, literally right next door to the con, and since I was already going to be there for AX, it was easy for me to hop over and see the concert too.  It was like a dream come true, as TVXQ was my favorite group, and I never expected them to come over here to do a concert.  They are one of the most successful K-pop groups though, so I guess it really wasn’t all that surprising that they would eventually come.  It was a little weird for me, since I was used to listening to all of their songs in Japanese, but it was amazing to see some of my favorite songs performed live, and they did sing two of their Japanese-only songs as well.  They were such incredible dancers and put on a great show.  Even though our seats were a little far back, I really enjoyed it, and I thought nothing could top that experience.

Shortly after that I got into became obsessed with U-KISS.  U-KISS is not an extremely well-known group and is not part of a major label, so I never dared hope they would come to do a concert here.  Imagine my surprise and excitement when they suddenly announced their first U.S. Tour for January 2014!  I could hardly believe it, but I knew for sure there was no way I was going to miss it and that I had to get the best tickets available.  I knew they would probably do a concert in San Francisco, since one of the members, Kevin, is actually from the SF Bay Area (specifically Danville, which is very close to where I live)! The SF concert ended up being on the single worst day of the month possible for me — I had to cancel a convention in order to go, but it was absolutely worth it.  To top it all off, the first 150 people to purchase VIP tickets at each concert would also get a photo with U-KISS!  My mind was blown.  A chance to see them up close!  Getting tickets was a bit of a challenge.  The servers crashed, and actually I was never able to get through, but a friend managed to snag three tickets, so we were set!

U-KISS sign in front of the Warfield

The day of the concert I wore pink to show my support.  Yes, their fan color is PINK.  How perfect is that?  My favorite color!  My friends and I got pink glow sticks, and we were ready to go!  We didn’t worry about getting there too early — my friends and I are quite a bit older than most of the other fans, and we weren’t about to fight them for a spot in the front.  Truth is, the theater where the concert was held was so small, we stood at the back of the VIP section and probably got one of the best views of the concert.  We were close, but just far enough back that we could see the entire stage at once.  Since most of the other VIP attendees were trying to squeeze up to the front, that also meant we had all the space in the back to relax and move around if we wanted.  No, we didn’t get to touch the guys or interact with them like some of the fans up front got to, but honestly I’d rather have a better view, so I can watch the whole dance.

The concert itself was excellent, and I’m not just saying that because U-KISS is my favorite group.  The boys are talented, yes, but they are much more than just that.  U-KISS stands for Ubiquitous Korean International (Idol) Super Stars — and they really try their best to live up to their name.  Three of the members are fluent in English (two are American and a third went to an international school and is now studying at Columbia University).  They were able to talk directly to the fans without an interpreter and could really interact with the audience during the concert.  In addition, U-KISS is a group that really appreciates and cares about their fans all over the world.  They were constantly coming up to the front of the stage and reaching out to fans.  They did a Q&A session in the middle of the concert, during which they picked questions that would yield the greatest amount of fan service possible.  Kevin serenaded one girl with Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are”, and Soohyun sang a dramatic “Happy Birthday” to another girl (they both sounded incredible).  Also, one lucky superfan got to be on stage with the guys as they performed “Mysterious Lady”.  It really felt like they were working hard to put on the best show possible and make sure all of their fans were happy.  The guys were also extremely goofy at times, not afraid to joke around and act stupid in front of their fans.  This level of interaction really made the concert a unique and fun experience.

As for the songs they performed, it was mostly their main Korean songs.  The set list actually felt kind of short, because they talked so much (which was fine ♥ they still got through all the major songs).  I was delighted that they performed “Someday”, as it’s one of my favorites.  They only performed two Japanese songs, “Tick Tack” and “Forbidden Love” (more of my favorites, and awesome to see live).  I was disappointed that they didn’t perform any of their Japanese songs from 2013.  I thought they would at least sing “Inside of Me”, since it was used in the official promotion video for the U.S. Tour.  I understand that they would want to focus on their Korean songs though.  It would be a dream to go to one of their Japanese concerts someday.  They have so many great Japanese songs!

I don’t have any pictures or video from the concert.  I was too busy watching!  Actually, I found that even waving my glow stick was too much of an effort while I was trying to focus on watching them dance.  Haha.  Sorry, I’m a boring person. U-KISS is my favorite group, but I can’t be loud and crazy, it’s just not physically possible.  I had my eyes glued to Kiseop practically the entire time.  He’s such a great dancer!  It really inspired me to want to go home and practice more myself!

I only have two small regrets from the concert.  One was the photo session — it went by so fast, I forgot to look at half of the members.  Mostly I saw Kevin, who is like a shining beacon of friendliness.  I did a heart pose for my picture, and Kevin told me “nice heart!”, so that made me happy.  As I was walking away, I glanced at Kiseop, but he wasn’t even paying attention.  Oh well.  I think it turned out ok, considering how they were rushing us through.  I’ll only know if it was really a success or not once I see the picture.  Also hopefully they will be back for more concerts, so I’m sure I’ll get more chances to meet them.  They are really so friendly and kind to their fans!  My second regret was that I was not able to buy the official light stick, because they sold out.  I knew I should’ve ordered one online!  Yeah, I know… big deal, right?  Like I said, small regret.  I did make sure to write them a fan letter.  It was the first time I’ve been inspired to write one, not only because they can actually read English, but because they seem like the kind of idols who would really appreciate the gesture and actually read them.  I know how good it feels to receive any letter of support, so I wanted to do my part. I also wanted to wish Kiseop a Happy Birthday — actually it’s tomorrow, the same day as my mine (although I’m much older…)!  What a funny coincidence, since he is my favorite!

I’ve been following the guys on Twitter and on YouTube through Mnet America’s Go! U-KISS series (posted below – I found Clip #4 to be the most entertaining).  It was fun to see the guys get excited about coming to America, go sight-seeing, and enjoy the food here.  It sounds like all the concerts went well too.  I hope they all had a great time and that they will be back again before too long!

Edit: I got my photo on my birthday (Happy Birthday to me)!  As expected, I look like a dork, but the photo came out pretty well!  I am still cracking up at AJ’s face (far left).  I took a brief look through the gallery and I feel bad for the fans whose photos were out of focus.  I’m relieved that my photo turned out as a success, and I have this nice memento of such a great concert!

Also I forgot to post the stuff I got from the concert!  All VIP ticket holders got a free t-shirt, which is the same as the ones the guys are wearing in the photo (my picture below shows the back of the shirt).  I also bought U-KISS’s latest Korean album “Moments”, which came with an autographed postcard.