What have I been up to?


It’s been a while, huh?  Without intending or realizing it, this year has become my least active cosplay year since I started.  The artist in me has become restless, but it’s for the best.  Never forget that real life comes first!  And of course, there is still time to turn things around, as the year is not over yet.  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, what have I been up to?  Well, it’s been a slow cosplay year for me, but not a slow convention year!  In April I went to Hawaii to visit my husband’s family and decided to check out Kawaii Kon while I was there!  It was bigger than I expected!  The highlight was seeing Asami Shimoda (the voice of Ami and Mami from THE IDOLM@STER and Rin and Len from VOCALOID).  She is so adorable and talented!  I didn’t bring any cosplays and wore Lolita instead, but I only lasted a few hours before I totally melted and had to go change.  It’s so humid there!  If I ever go back to Kawaii Kon, I’m gonna have to bring some skimpier costumes! Haha.

The next convention for me was FanimeCon, which is always one of my biggest events of the year.  I only made one new costume (actually, the only one I’ve made all year, aside from my idol dress).  I did dance performances with Angel Hearts and Hello! Musume, and masquerade with my super cute SHOW BY ROCK!! group. ♥  It would’ve been a great convention except that I was feeling pretty sick the whole time, so I spent most of the time hiding in my room. :(

I hadn’t planned on going to Anime Expo this year, but my husband and I decided to drive up just for one day.  Not gonna lie, we went there to shop.  We bought a bunch of figures, and I got a Tony Taka artbook and some Aikatsu! CDs.  I was disappointed that there was no Harvest Moon setup this year, but I did get a picture with the giant Tubbs from Neko Atsume.  Anime Expo is getting so crowded.  Is it sad that I felt like “I’m so glad I’m not cosplaying in this crowd”?  It’s starting to feel like SDCC in that regard – just getting around is a hassle.  ALSO I WAS SICK AGAIN (just a cold).  What is it with this year?? (Did I mention I was really sick for three weeks after ALA?)

Next was SDCC, although my husband and I did not have passes.  Also no costume, I just wore my StarCraft II shirt.  We wandered around a bit in the surrounding area and went to the MAC x Star Trek booth and the Nintendo Lounge, but we mostly went to hang out with friends.  My husband hates crowds anyway, just battling the crowds outside was enough for him.  The things I really miss about SDCC are the awesome Exhibit Hall and the Masquerade.  Maybe someday I’ll participate again.  After all, we live in San Diego now.

Just one week after SDCC was Kcon!  No costume this time, just shopping and enjoying the concerts.  My friends and I got lousy fan engagement tickets this year, but luckily we didn’t care because there wasn’t anyone in particular we wanted to see.  We did get Monsta X audience passes and went to their panel, but they were an hour late, so they skipped the panel and went straight into hi-touch.  The concerts were awesome, as usual.  I enjoyed Saturday’s concert more.  I’m not generally a fan of Korean girl groups, but IOI and Gfriend were really cute!  I saw so much awesome dancing that weekend, both by the artists and the fans!  I wish I were half as good as them!

Next up for me is Saboten Con in Phoenix, AZ.  No new costumes, just bringing my latest IDOLM@STER costumes.  Hopefully l’ll have some fun projects to share later this fall.

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