Anime LA 2016


Two weekends ago I went to Anime Los Angeles 2016…. or should I say, Anime Ontario?  Anime LA’s move to Ontario, California was the reason I even went this year, and I have to say, the location was great!  The convention center was spacious and bright, which was good both for hanging out and for taking photos.  Even though there were no attached hotels, there were many good close options, all with free parking.  I stayed at the Ayres, which was very nice and just across the parking lot from the con center.  It did rain the last day of Anime LA, but it wasn’t too terrible, since there was plenty of space inside the con center for everyone to hang out.  Also, even with ALA’s move to a convention center, it still kept some features that let you know it was the same convention, such as the painted benches, the cosplay photos on the walls, and the crazy ribbon-collecting.

This year’s theme for ALA was idols!  You’d think I’d be super excited about this, but unfortunately with my big move, I wasn’t able to take full advantage of the theme.  I did have idol costumes to wear, of course, but nothing new or spectacular, and no performances.  I was happy to see so much idol cosplay all weekend long though, including a good number of Aikatsu and WUG cosplayers!  There wasn’t nearly enough IDOLM@STER though.  Maybe next year I will fix this.  No matter the theme, it’s always idol time for me! ;D

Meanwhile, since coming home from ALA, I’ve been VERY SICK.  It’s probably the time of the year, but this seems to be a big problem with ALA.  PLEASE, GUYS, DO NOT COME TO A CONVENTION (or anywhere with a lot of people, really) WHEN YOU’RE SICK!  Remind everyone!  There will be other conventions, and other chances to cosplay.  Most conventions I’ve been to are also good about at least deferring your badge to next year if you can’t make it.  I can understand if you’re just getting over a cold, and you’re taking REALLY good care of yourself (proper sleep and food) and minimizing your close contact with people, then it’s ok to come.  But definitely if you have the FLU (or anything worse!!), PLEASE STAY HOME.  I know, it sucks.  I had to do it one year.  Angel Hearts was performing, too, but I woke up the morning before ALA with a terrible sore throat, congestion, and a fever — there was NO way I was going to a convention.  I had to redo our soundtrack last minute, and the girls had to scramble to cover for me, and I felt really bad.  Even then, it’s better than showing up with the flu.  Better for everyone.  Please don’t do it.  PSA over.

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