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How to De-tangle a Curled Wig

Here’s a simple tip for both cosplayers and Lolitas — how to de-tangle your curled wigs without ruining the curls!  With light wear, a curly wig can be carefully finger-combed if it is only a little tangled.  After a couple of wears though, wigs can get pretty tangled, but as you may have realized, you can’t just take your brush and brush out your curly wig like you would a straight one.  I mean, you could, but you’d end up with a poofy wavy wig instead of a curled one.  That doesn’t mean you can’t brush it, but the key is to carefully and patiently work on each section, one at a time.


This wig got pretty messy after a windy day out.  The left side has already been carefully combed out, while the right side still needs work.  I started by pinning my wig on a stand so it’s well anchored and easy to work on.  Even if you don’t have a wig stand, finding some way to hang it will make things easier.  Separate out one lock of hair, and very carefully and gently comb it out until it is completely smooth.  Since wig hair is plastic and the curls are heat set, you won’t ruin the curls if you are gentle with your wig.  Once it is tangle-free, you need to re-form the curl.  I do this by wrapping the lock of hair neatly around my finger and then gently releasing it down into a spiral.  That’s it!  No product needed.


When I am finished with a piece, I clip it out of the way so I can work on the next piece.  Work your way from one side of the wig to the other.  It can get pretty tedious if you have a long, full wig, but the results are worth it.  Your wig may even look as good as new!  If you aren’t so particular about having well-defined, tight curls, you can brush larger sections and then run your fingers through afterward to break the curls back up into smaller sections.  Either way, with a little patience your curled wig can look fresh and springy once again!

Arizona Renaissance Festival and Twig the Fairy

Last Saturday I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival for the first time.  When it comes to Ren Fest, I’m pretty spoiled because the first one I ever went to was the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, which is one of the largest and oldest.  I’ve also been to the one in Irwindale in Southern California, which is apparently the oldest Renaissance festival in the US.  However, I was delighted to find that Arizona also has a large Renaissance festival.  There was a lot going on, and I recognized a number of the vendors.  I was a little surprised, because it’s so hot here, but it makes sense that they can hold a big event here early in the year when it is too cold and wet in other parts of the country.  One thing I noticed pretty quickly was that not so many people dressed up, and a lot of people were carrying parasols.  It was about 90°F, which wasn’t so terrible in the shade, but the sun was so intense that it just hurt.  It was the last weekend of the festival, so next year I will definitely try to go earlier.

My favorite part of Renaissance festivals is all the fairy and fantasy themed stuff.  I like to go as a fairy myself when I dress up (or as an elf when I feel like wings are too much trouble).  During one of my early trips to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, I took a picture of Twig the Fairy.  Later I saw her again with more spectacular wings plus her own booth and merchandise!  The images she creates are just beautiful, and as a huge fairy fan I was really inspired by her work.  She is super cute in person and also plays delightful music on her flute.  I love watching her interact with the kids.


I was really excited when I saw the advertisement for the AZ Ren Fest because there was a picture of Twig!  It turns out AZ is one of the Ren fests she comes to!  I was lucky and ran into her almost immediately upon entering the festival.  I got even luckier that she was at her booth when I got there!  They had a discount for buying three books, so I picked up the three I didn’t have, and now I have all five of her books.  I also got them all signed!


I told her I had all of her books, and she made a cute gesture and then wrote a note in the last book (Twig the Fairy does not speak, she communicates through gestures and music).


Then of course I had to take a photo with Twig!  I am suuuuper happy at how well this photo turned out!  She is so pretty!


Next time I’ll dress up as a fairy for sure! :)